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February 13, 2013

Sowmya Raoh is gearing up to release her debut R&B

Sowmya Raoh, Bollywood playback singer to releases first Digital R&B Single Worldwide with New York's EEG Talent. Sowmya Raoh, one of Bollywood's leading singing talents, has teamed up with Mix Man Shawn, a South Asian music producer based in California and who has worked with the likes of mainstream Hip Hop Legend Snoop Dogg, Chamilionaire and South Asian Artitsts such as DJ Sanj, Bally Sagoo, Bohemia, Jasmine Sandals, Rakhi Sawant, Ishq Bector & New York based EEG Talent to produce and release Raoh on a new R&B single that will showcase her R&B English singing and composing skills. In keeping with the current trend, Sowmya Raoh plans to release the single on a worldwide digital platform on December 31, 2010 in USA. Sowmya Rao will be releasing the single titled Paradise which will be geared towards the new digital generation, Speaking about the single Sowmya Raoh said I am excited to see how the new sound of mine is received, the pattern in today's music world and music business has changed and as an artist and an entrepreneur I have to change and keep up with so I decided to compose and write in a totally new direction. EEG Talent, which is among North America's fastest growing talent management companies focusing on South Asian artists, will be responsible for overseeing Raoh's publishing deals, digital distribution bookings and shows, also assisting in providing collaborations with American Artists. Last year, EEG Talent 's parent company, Music Is Nirvana, headed by CEO Nick Rajsakha and Sanjay Chitale was also responsible for creating a groundbreaking merchandising deal for Music Icon Sonu Niigaam with American Agency Cinsay. Nick Rajsakha, President of EEG Talent, said, This is a great time for Indian music and entertainment in the US, thanks to the success of talented stars such as Sonu Niigaam and films like "Slumdog Millionaire," Indian music is seeing mainstream acceptance. We are pleased to be associated with Sowmya Raoh to help bring her talent to her fans in North America.