EEG Talent is a full service Management company representing established and developing artists and producers in all genres of music film and fashion.
EEG Talent’s focus is Management, Booking, Production Management, and Marketing. Our revolutionary management and marketing techniques allow us to rapidly customize and implement direct marketing programs that are highly targeted and effective. These campaigns can be designed to solicit bookings, promote current artists and talent, or both.
All personnel receive the information required to execute all respective production and performance- related tasks. Our information and communication focus has been honed over time, to snuff out and eliminate the many types of surprises so common in our industry.
Because the roles of a booking agent and manager are so integrally related, the growing trend is to merge the two roles so that artist representation can be more effective.
The days when an agent/manager could simply sit back and take calls are coming to an end. As an agency, we set apart ourselves by providing added value, management, promotion, production and information power to our clients. It is in the long-term interest of all parties involved that prices and terms are in symmetry with the market place, as well as that all management production, promotion and performance-related details are always confirmed. EEG Talent combines key aspects of management, marketing, booking and marketing in providing a unique and powerful array of services that attain results.
++ Our Mission
Establish EEG Management as the premier provider of entertainment services by adhering to the following guiding philosophy: representing quality performing talent, providing exceptional client services, and maintaining high standards of business ethics and practices.
Through our strategic alliance with Anhad Inc., a New York based marketing and PR firm, EEG Talent provides clients with public relations small enough to be a client’s personal communications partner and experienced enough to bring senior hands-on capabilities in strategic planning, media relations, corporate writing, product promotion and brand building. We bring immediate access to the best and brightest talent in the business on an as-needed basis. You get the kinds of results you would expect if you had a large PR division working for you—at a fraction of the cost.